Which Type Of Psychic Is Best For You?

Not all psychics are created equal.  Some are better than others and each psychic has his or her own unique skill sets and abilities.  Before you contact one of our Orlando psychics, we suggest you brush up a bit on the different types of extrasensory abilities there are out there.

The most common form of psychic ability is a type of intuitive guidance.  There are four main forms of intuitive guidance which include:

  • Clairvoyance – A person who is clairvoyant can see things that most others cannot.  He or she usually receives some type of vision about specific events that will occur or a vision about a person.  No matter what the movies tell us, a person who is clairvoyant does not usually have huge dramatic visions.  Instead, they are most likely going to be very subtle and they see little movies in their head and can then pass on what they see to the other person.  The psychic may not completely understand what the vision means and it may be open to interpretation depending on the situation within a person’s life.


  • Clairsentience – If you are like me you may have never even heard of this type of ability.  At least you may not have known the formal term for it.  Clairsentience gives the psychic the ability to feel the emotions of others.  They can receive and interpret messages by feelings, emotions or physical sensations.  Many times this type of gift is found in identical twins.  If one of the twins is feeling sad, scared or very enthusiastic the other twin can feel this type of emotion as well.  A person with true clairsentience abilities can pick up on the emotions of others and is very good at noticing when a person is lying.


  • Clairaudience – This is another type of gift that Hollywood likes to portray in the movies.  A psychic medium that has this ability is able to hear things that others cannot which is usually derived from spirits from dead family or friends.  Often when the psychic is hearing the voice it will be inside their own head rather than with their physical ears.  A way to understand this is like the voice inside your head when you are reading or writing something down.  You can hear it inside your head.  The sound of the voice will most likely be in the tone of the psychic rather than the original spirits voice.  Although, this does occur as well.


  • Claircognizance – With this spiritual gift the psychic will simply know things for no reason at all.  It is a type of intuitive thought that is given to the medium.  He or she may tell you not to do something or not to travel to a certain place because it will be bad for you.  Let’s say you skateboard all the time and never wear a helmet.  However, for some reason today you feel like you need to wear a helmet when you go to the skate park.  While at the park you fall off your board and hit your head on the concrete.  You didn’t know why you felt like wearing a helmet that day but you are definitely glad you did.  This is a type of claircognizance and it is the same for the spiritual advisor with this ability.

This is by no means is an exhaustive list of every type of spiritual gift that our Orlando psychic mediums have but they are by far the most popular.  Other types of gifts that we may expand upon in a later post include telekinesis, psychometry, remote viewing, clairalience, and clairgustance.  The point is to find a psychic medium that works well with you and has the type of gifts you need to get answers to the questions you have.  We would love to work with you but it is up to you to take the first step by giving us a call.  We can’t help you unless you make the first move.  So contact us today at:


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