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So you are thinking about getting a tarot reading?  Good choice.  We have excellent tarot card readers on hand to help you out.  Want a little more information?  Keep reading below…


A Quick History On Tarot Cards

If you are unfamiliar with tarot cards we are here to give you the basics.  Although, there are many different styles and it can get rather complicated.  Tarot cards have been around for a long time, the first documented deck was found in the late 14th century.  Just like your standard deck of cards, tarot cards have four different suits.  Within each suit there are 14 different cards that number from Ace (being number one) to ten and then they have four face cards which are Jack, Knight, Queen, and King.

Along with these cards there are 21 separate cards that are all trump suited and an additional card called The Fool.  The Fool card is used differently within different models of tarot readings.  Tarot cards started out as a standard playing card game but has since developed into divinatory purposes with occultists.

There are several types of tarot cards on the market today.  However, the most popular style is the tarot de Marseille.  The next most popular tarot card style is probably the Minchiate tarot deck.  This deck incorporates astrological symbols along with the standard deck.


Psychics and Tarot Cards

The first time that it was ever recorded that a psychic used tarot cards for divination was a Frenchman named Jean Alliette.  He used the tarot cards to help him foretell events in the future.  He focused on subjects like travel, money, love and relationships.  Very similar to the subjects that we still focus on today.  Over the years the system has been developed further by other psychics and has now linked the 22 trumps in the deck to the Hebrew alphabet.

This has helped psychics give more complete readings and answers to the tough questions that they sometimes face.  If you would like to try a tarot card reading first hand then contact us today.  You can get a 15 minute tarot reading for only $10.  One of our Orlando tarot card readers is waiting for you now.